Arka Sokaklar

2006 Action, Crime, Family

A magical, huge city that defies centuries; Istanbul. And our brave policemen who challenge all kinds of evil and hardship to make every street of this city a better, more 'livable' place for everyone. A 'civilian' team working in the Public Security Branch of the Istanbul Police Service is cruising the streets of this metropolis with their minibuses and fighting against all kinds of lawlessness that comes their way. Our policemen are constantly confronted with different and varied human stories during their duties. To these stories that make you smile from time to time and hurt from time to time; Rıza Baba becomes the Superintendent, who approaches with the experience and 'fatherhood' of his professional years and guides the other young members of the team. Father Riza; young, energetic and handsome inspector Murat, a newcomer police officer who has just joined the team.
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