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Best Cartoon Episodes in New Orleans

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Friday, February 4, 2022

New Orleans is a unique city in America and is immediately recognizable on-screen from its architecture, music, and food. So it is no surprise that many of our favorite cartoons have made stops there over the years.

The Simpsons have 'officially' gone there once in an event so momentous that it has spawned an entirely new tourist bucket list.

The synopsis is "When the Simpsons' flight to Gainesville gets re-routed to New Orleans, Lisa is forced to face her failures, and regain her confidence as a jazz musician. Meanwhile, Bart is intrigued by the voodoo in Louisiana, and Homer is intrigued by the drinking." It's not bad but it can be better expressed in this amazing clip showing how Homer spends his time.

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 3.45.01 PM.png

Now I said officially because way back in 1997 the Simpsons decided they may need to create a spinoff...well maybe...

[One of them is the classic Chief Wiggum PI] (

Where the Chief has to head south (Or North? East? West? Nobody knows where Springfield is) with Skinner to solve crime in the big easy.

Of course, Family Guy also had to make a New Orlean Trip

Family Guy screencap

Family GuySeason 10 Episode 8

S10 E08Cool Hand Peter

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The saddest part of this episode is they never make it there. The mistake they made? They tried to drive there. Never drive to New Orleans, flights, or Riverboats only!

If you are in the mood for adult cartoons but more of the anime bend you need to head over to Supernatural: The Animation.

This animated series is based on the ridiculously long-lived live-action series (15 seasons!)

In this episode, while driving through New Orleans they are arrested because their car is accused of numerous crimes. One of the less weird things to happen in the series.

If however, you are looking for actual young people cartoons (or at least young at heart). Let's head over to the group that the Supernatural crew would reference frequently...Scooby-Doo!

The Ghosts of two rival Civil War Soldiers are haunting a New Orleans Necropolis. Or are they....they aren't. It's never a real ghost. I should have said spoilers!

It does show off the fact that most cemeteries in the area are above ground. Worth taking a tour when in town.

If you want to fight some real ghosts you have to of course check out the best team for that, the Ghostbusters!

In "Play Them Ragtime Boos", while on vacation in Louisiana, the Ghostbusters find themselves in a town under the influence of mean-spirited jazz-playing ghosts who want to turn the clock back to the 1930s.

When it comes down to the music I would be all for it! If it comes down to lack of penicillin, WW2 on the way, and fewer Civil Rights....yeah I'll stay in 2022.

Many more episodes reference New Orleans without going there, that may be our next article.