Ian Kemp
Ian Kemp is a former Naval Officer and Afghan veteran who has worked at McKinsey, Infosys, and TheStreet.com. Most recently he worked as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Gramercy labs, where he has grown GeistM, the fastest growing advertising technology company in the US, from 10 to 50 people. He earned his bachelors from the University of Chicago, and MBA from NYU Stern.
Zach Schwartz
Zach Schwartz is a full-stack software engineer with experience building innovative software for O’Reilly Media, Bloomberg LP, and Google. He holds degrees from University of Chicago and the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, and is passionate about iteratively building great tools and experiences.
Drew Lu
Software Engineer
Drew Lu is a classical pianist turned full-stack software engineer. He earned his music degree from Northwestern University and launched businesses in music education and audio/visual production. With his deep-rooted passion for technology, he pivoted careers and now thrives on using his creative strengths to build great products. When he isn’t coding, you can catch him singing and recording tracks on his guitar, rock climbing, or tearing up the tracks in Mario Kart.