About SeekingTV

We live in a world with a strange problem: too many great TV shows to sift through.

And with more and more new streaming services launching all the time, consumers are being asked to subscribe to ever more services for ever more money.

So how do you find what to watch and where you can watch it? That’s why we created SeekingTV, a website and integrated mobile app (iOS version, Android version coming soon) that lets you figure out what you want to watch and where to watch it.

Your One-Stop, Watchlist

People often record what shows they are supposed to check out. However, they are probably not all on one service. Even if they were at one point, they can shift from one service to another on a monthly basis. We let you collect all those recommendations in one place.

Find It

If you find a show on SeekingTV we can tell you what services it is available on. No random googling, click on the show and then click the link and it will open up the show right from there.

Follow Your Friends

People also want to know what their friends are watching. TV is better if you have someone to discuss it with. Within SeekingTV you can follow your friends and they can follow you.

Then as you add shows in, they can add them to their watchlist. Or send a link to your profile page to friends who don't have a SeekingTV account yet.

New Feature Roadmap

We're always working to improve SeekingTV, here are some of what we've got planned:

  • News, Articles & Staff Posts: A new section will allow you to read about shows coming up and add them directly to your watchlist.
  • Linking Services: Soon you will be able to link your streaming services so that you automatically populate your watch history, as well as manage your subscriptions, right from SeekingTV.

Who's Behind This?

Learn more about our team.